PAINTINGS by Joan * * * original paintings, drawings, digital art and photographs * * * Weipa Queensland Australia

The essence of beauty is seen differently by each person.

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The essence of beauty is seen differently by each person.

We hide behind masks we make for ourselves;
to protect ourselves, to protect others, to scare others, to keep people at a distance, to bring them closer, to make them love, to make them hate, for confidence, for fear, to challenge, to hide. Whatever the reason we take this mask and wear it; sometimes with confidence and sometimes with pain.

This mask a freckles and flowers where the essence of beauty is seen and judged by all.

Our green eyed monster may come out when we are threatened, discontent or resentful of beauty, intelligence, talent, achievements, independence, wealth, or position. Keep that monster under wraps because envy will suck the life out of you.

Some find beauty threatening and fear what they see as it makes them uncomfortable, they judge themselves and can be harsh but they forget that there is beauty in everything, just a different type of beauty! Like freckles! You just have to look for it, sometimes it hides in the most obscure places :)